All You Have Is A Hammer

I thought it might be fun to participate in a game jam, something I've never done before. It's also been quite a while since I've made a computer game, though my backups are littered with half-hearted attempts from over the years.

The GitHub Game Off 2022 is a one-month event running from 1 November to 1 December 2022, which I'm sure gives some people enough time to build quite substantially impressive catherdral-scale games, and gave me enough time to um and ah for a while before coming up with an idea and to carve out a couple of week-ends worth of time to throw something together that I hope is mildly entertaining.

The theme for the game jam was ‘cliché’, and the cliché I ended up deciding to morph into a silly little game is the saying that ‘if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail’. That’s the basic idea – all you have is a hammer, and you hit some nails, but not all nails are what the appear to be.

The game is written in JavaScript using the Phaser game engine. The source code can be found on GitHub.

You can play: